Are Pugs the Ultimate Star Wars Fans’ Pets?


In my house we are constantly battling over whether or not to get a dog, or worse yet – what kind of dog to get. I know my wife loves pugs, but I’m not completely sold on these funny-looking, squished-faced smelly toy dogs. However, I am seeing a whole lot of them being dressed up as Star Wars characters for some reason, and they pull it off too. Just take a look at these:

There are even Star Wars themed Pug Parades, as the one reported on by The Telegraph where one could see a whole slew of pugs prancing around dressed like our favourite characters.


So, apparently, this breed is not such a bad choice for Star Wars fans after all. Who knows, I might even consider it. Besides, what are the chances a self-respecting doberman is going to let me dress him up in a Jar Jar Binks costume?

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