New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is Finally Out!

Long anticipation is over, we have the new Star Wars The Last Jedi official trailer!! Obviously, we were very disappointed at the beginning because we saw no new images of Canto Bight, casino city location that our hometown Dubrovnik is playing on screen. However, we have seen more intruiging plot hints than ever before.

screenshot: StarWars YouTube Channel

screenshot: StarWars YouTube Channel

From Kylo Ren engaged in a space ship battle with one of the ships carrying General Leia, to Finn fighting with Captain Phasma, real face of Snoke, and of course the end with Kylo Ren reaching out (literally) to Rey: it’s packed with exciting stuff and we can be sure Star Wars fans will be hard at work this week dissecting the entire clip trying to get as much information out of it as possible. I can hardly wait.

Thankfully the production decided to go all out with this one leaving more questions than answers and many hints at possible developments in the story. It is pretty much what trailers should be and we can be satisfied with it. I don’t sound very happy? Yeah, well…   no Canto Bight.


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