Collectible Vinyls of Star Wars Score Unveiled


How many times has the word “collectible” been paired with the name “Star Wars” in the modern history? I bet the answer is quite a high number. Here’s one more for you. Star Wars The Force Awakens score has been issued on vinyl records that display holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter when played.


This thoroughly cool piece of merchandise was unveiled in London and will undoubtedly spark plenty of interest with the fan community. If you are interested (and we know you are), the price for a single vinyl is going to be around EUR 45.



The influence of Star Wars franchise on pop culture is seen all around us even today. In fact, it was the first Star Wars movie to come out, A New Hope the one that widely popularised the idea of a hologram, as explained by the creator of the vinyl holograms in a video published by EuroNews, make sure to check it out.

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