RUMOURS AND POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Rundown of Dubrovnik Star Wars Filming Rumours

We’ve heard it through the grapevine…   and we’ve heard so much over the past few months. During a quick chat with Mike Palas of we’ve touched upon the incredible amount of gossip and rumours about Star Wars Episode VIII filming in Dubrovnik. Everybody is involved in guessing what scenes will be shot here, who are the actors which will be appearing, and all the other interesting bits of information tied to the project.

Fan Art by user dvsdesigner

Fan Art by user dvsdesigner

While we don’t like reporting on rumours too much as they can take away attention from the real information about the filming, it would still be interesting to mention some of the most interesting speculations to be published in the media lately. Of course, these are all COMPLETELY UNVERIFIED and are listed just for the sake of entertainment. In case any of them are true they are to be considered as SPOILERS for Episode VIII…    and there are some for Episode VII as well.

Benicio Del Toro is allegedly appearing in the Dubrovnik part of Episode VIII filming as reported by local news and entertainment portal If this is true, this will not be the first visit by the distinguished actor to Dubrovnik, as he was seen here enjoying the sunshine just last year following his appearance at the Sarajevo Film Festival

Benicio Del Toro, photo Getty Images

Benicio Del Toro, photo Getty Images, another local news portal published a few rumours going around, one saying the filming will be done, along with the already mentioned locations, on one of the local boats or ships. This opens plenty of space for speculations of exactly how is the vessel to be used for filming. The same source published that Dubrovnik is allegedly to play the role of Ahch-To – a world on which Luke Skywalker is found at the end of The Force Awakens. This means we could actually see Mark Hamill on the set in Dubrovnik.

If you’ve missed it, we already mentioned in our post from February 16th that MOS Croatia reported a speculation there will be a chase/action sequence shot on Dubrovnik’s main street – Stradun which would definitely be cool to see and even more impressive if you consider Stradun is around 900 years old (although it got its current look after the Great Earthquake of 1667).

Dubrovnik main street - Stradun, photo Insider Holidays

Dubrovnik main street – Stradun, photo Insider Holidays



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