Dubrovnik as Naboo in Star Wars Episode VIII? Could Be…

With the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik almost upon us and the sets for the filming being built at an accelerated pace, the speculations about which imaginary location Dubrovnik will play in the movie are getting louder and more elaborate.

StarWarsPost is guessing Dubrovnik might be the setting for Naboo. They are not the only one to think so, but their arguments seem quite interesting. When it comes to Star Wars movies, Naboo was featured in episodes 1-3 with Italian locations near Naples (Caserta Palace – mere 220 miles from Dubrovnik) and on the Lake of Como being used, as well as locations in Seville, Spain. StarWarsPost argue the architecture on all these locations seems to be similar to that found in Dubrovnik. Stone tiles on all of the locations are similar, and although locals will tell you ground tiles in Dubrovnik are different and much lighter than those found on locations in Spain and Italy, the new pieces of set being put into place on Dubrovnik’s main street might be going for the look of Naboo as seen in the prequels.

Star Wars Set on Dubrovnik's Main Street

Star Wars Set on Dubrovnik’s Main Street

Door portals getting the Star Wars makeover on Dubrovnik's Main Street

Door portals getting the Star Wars makeover on Dubrovnik’s Main Street

Naboo http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Naboo is described as a bountiful planet, home to the native Gungan species and humans of the planet called the Naboo. Planet features a variety of landscapes and breath taking architecture. If Dubrovnik really is to play the role of Naboo, the question remains, what part of the story will unfold there?

Planet of Naboo, image by www.rodluc.com

Planet of Naboo, image by www.rodluc.com

Also interesting to note is a statement made earlier this month by one of the main people in Croatia in charge of large film projects, Hrvoje Hribar (head of Croatian government – backed agency for audio visual arts). He was quoted by theDubrovnikTimes.com as saying Dubrovnik is to be “the most beautiful city in cosmos”. As he said this during his statement regarding the cost of filming, it remained largely ignored by the media, but it could actually hold an important key as to what exact role will be bestowed upon this medieval city.





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