Star Wars Movie that Never got Made


In case you never heard of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, you are not alone. Although this story was published as a 4-part comic book in 1995 it was originally envisioned as a sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. Looper reports on their official YouTube Channel:

While the filming for Star Wars Episode VIII was going on in Dubrovnik, we’ve reported on an ambitious plan by Disney to release 5 movies in the next five years (Rogue One and Episode VIII being two of those). It is clear to see the franchise will get plenty of additions and reboots. With this apparent hyper-production, what are the chances some more parts of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye will appear in the upcoming movies? The recycled scene with Rey battling Kylo Ren was definitely a big success in The Force Awakens, and it goes to show entirety of the Star Wars Universe is a fertile ground for future story developers.

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  1. And it will really happen. Disney will release a new Star Wars movie. It is not a plan anymore. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing these lost movies clip. It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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