VIDEO: Adam Driver Asnwers Star Wars Questions during an Interview for Midnight Special


Adam Driver, who embodied the main villain of Star Wars The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren, stated in an interview he can’t wait to get on set of Episode VIII.

Kylo Ren, photo YouTube

Kylo Ren, photo YouTube

In an chat with some of the cast of Midnight Special published by Entertainment Weekly Driver was asked a few questions about his Star Wars experience including how the movie changed his life. The actor was also able to turn the fact he wasn’t allowed to say anything about the Episode VIII being filmed into a joke and overall had a laid back approach to the whole affair.

There are those who feel Kylo Ren is not a good villain for the sequels, but we loved his role here at What are your feelings about Adam Driver in the role of Star Wars bad guy?

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