VIDEO: The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes Soon Out on Blu-ray and Digital HD!


It’s a cruel game played by Disney and Lucasfilm. It’s been so long since Star Wars The Force Awakens was released to the movie theatres and the film is still not out on Blu Ray and DVD. Not only that, but the fans are being tortured by brand new mouth-watering announcements of things to come. Latest in the line is the Deleted Scenes video, to be out on 1st April for Digital HD and 5th of April for Blu-ray. You can get a sneak peak in the video below, published just now by Star Wars YouTube channel.

If this is not exciting enough for you, let us remind you of the teaser for The Force Awakens “making of” documentary, which is due on the same dates on the same media as the Deleted Scenes film.

Plenty of Star Wars excitement in April! We can’t wait…


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