PHOTOS, VIDEO: Actors in Costumes and Stunts Being Performed in Dubrovnik

Ladies and gentlemen, the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik is upon us. As cameras get ready to record all the action on Dubrovnik streets, there are more and more photos and videos clogging up our internet channels, bringing new insights into what exactly is happening on all the sets.
Instagram user ana_baban from Dubrovnik published a grainy clip of a stunt being performed in front of the Dominican Monastery entrance.

On another location, above Banje Beach, DuList photographer managed to capture some photos of actors in costumes getting ready for filming. On the second shot, the source is speculating the actor on the left without a helmet looks suspiciously like Mark Hammil, but it would be very hard to confirm this with only this photo. Photos also show as what seems to be an aquatic vessel


Actors in costumes, Photo DuList

Actors in costumes, Photo DuList

Actors in costumes, Photo DuList


Star Wars vehicle, photo DuList


Star Wars vehicle, photo DuList

We were also at the same location and managed to get these pictures of Banje Beach with a hole being dug out, roughly the size of the said vessel, so this one might end up washed away on the beach.





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