BREAKING: Daisy Ridley’s Stunt Double on her Way to Dubrovnik!

As StarWarsNewsNet reports, quoting from a Twitter feed of Chloe Bruce – a stunt double for Daisy Ridley – she is on her way to Dubrovnik just in time for the beginning of filming for Star Wars Episode VIII.

While there is no official confirmation Ms. Bruce will be working on the filming of Episode VIII, it would still be quite a coincidence if she would find herself in Dubrovnik at the same time on an unrelated business.

As we already reported, Daisy Ridley herself denied she will be on set in Dubrovnik, but it wouldn’t be the first time for a production like this to decide to shoot the main actor in the studio for the close-ups and do the action and stunts on location using a stunt double.

Below is a clip showcasing some of the incredibly skills of Chloe Bruce.


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