NEW PHOTOS: Dubrovnik Star Wars Stage is Set for Big Things

Taking a stroll around the Old City Centre of Dubrovnik today one could see all the crew working double time on getting everything ready for closing the set and start of the filming for Episode VIII. After a few miserable days of rain today the sun was shining bright. Contrary to announcements, the streets of Dubrovnik’s historical district were open for pedestrians. Aside from some additions to the Main Street part of the set like painted columns…



…and some more industrial wall fixtures,



The big news was the part of the set in the St. Dominic’s Street at the entrance to Dominican Monastery complex where a monumental gate or entrance to a temple seems to have been put up, suggesting a very intriguing location.



What part of Star Wars universe does this remind you of? Could this possibly be a Jedi Temple?




Tall railing construction opposite the entrance gives plenty of possibilities for interesting shots or additional parts of the set to be put up.


We are probably safe to assume some very exciting shots are to be made on this location.

Today we also saw (finally) the maps with pedestrian routes for locals and visitors to use while the main street set is closed for the public.



As you can see, the text still says the sets will be closed from 9th to 17th, but there is no mention of whether they will open the Main Street for public at any point during that time, so we are still left in the dark about that piece of information so many of our readers are anxious to find out.


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