Darth Vader Icon Appears on Dubrovnik’s Traffic Light

It seems local Star Wars community in Dubrovnik is getting louder by the minute. As Dubrovnik Digest reports, there is a photo in circulation showing one of the traffic lights in Dubrovnik being defaced with an image of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet.

Darth Vader on Dubrovnik's traffic light

Darth Vader on Dubrovnik’s traffic light

It is unsure what the message should be, but it is most likely just an attempt of one of the younger Star Wars fans to score some bragging rights among his Dark Side favouring friends.

In the meantime, everybody in Dubrovnik is counting down the days to March 9th when the sets will close and the entire city will hold its breath in hope to get a glimpse of anything that might give away the part of the plot being filmed here


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