Star Wars Episode IX to be Shot in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik, Croatia was one of the two prominent filming locations outside of the film studios for Star Wars The Last Jedi. All of us local Star Wars Fans are counting down the days until the premier of the new chapter in our favourite saga. It will be an exciting day for us trying to catch a glimpse of our home town on the big screen. However, the latest news out of Dubrovnik suggests we might see Episode IX filming here as well!!

The Dubrovnik Times brings a story┬áin which it is suggested that Dubrovnik’s participation in the story might not be limited to The Last Jedi. In the text the source of this interesting information is listed as none other than the city’s Mayor, so the story might have some validity to it. Seeing how Episode IX is due to come out on May 24th 2018, the filming will probably start very soon, so we will be following the developments closely and keep you updated!

Star Wars Set Dubrovnik, photo

Star Wars Set Dubrovnik, photo

Also, the same source is saying Dubrovnik is to play casino planet Canto Bight in The Last Jedi, which would go along with some gossip we already reported on.


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