VIDEO: Wonderful Breakdown of Star Wars The Force Awakens Special FX


If there is one thing Star Wars movies are known for, it has to be special effects. The franchise has been pioneering some outrageous FX ever since A New Hope. They help present the story and provide for a more immersive experience. They can also be damaging if done wrong and actually draw audience away from the movie. Unfortunately we’ve seen a few examples of how over-reliance on special effects can damage a movie in the prequels.

The Force Awakens signified a return to many of the classic Star Wars values when it comes to movie making and I am happy to say, the FX were amazing. published an article with a great collection of movie clips explaining various parts of special effects creation in the movie and they make for an excellent reference for anyone interested in seeing behind the scenes of Star Wars’ brand of movie magic. We’re bringing you a few clips from Variety, Art of The Film, and a really nice breakdown clip from FXguidetv with interviews (long one, but so worth it). For the rest of the clips, visit

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