This is Why We Love Mark Hamill


Althouth Han Solo and Darth Vader are often seen as most memorable characters of the original Star Wars trilogy… and the entire saga for that matter, back when I was a kid religiously watching these movies there was no question who the hero was. Scrawny farm kind turned light-sabre-wielding, force-mastering young Jedi master named Luke Skywalker was the one and only for us.

Today, it’s nice to see he was played by a really cool real life person that is Mark Hamill. He seems to have managed to maintain a lot of the sense of humour that many of his colleagues from the original cast have not (I’m not naming any names) and, unlike many other celebrities nowadays, we actually enjoy his public appearances and social media posts. One such post came earlier today as Mark posted a Disney pass with his name on it… sort of, on his Twitter account. Apparently, he’s not as big of a star in Disney universe as he thought.


Also, do you already know about the worthwhile Star Wars fundraising campaing? You can find it on CrowdRise website and it gives you a chance of donating to the campaign which will channel that money to four charities. Not only that but Force For Change, as the name of the campaign goes, will match the money collected up to a $1 million. There are also prizes you can win including a trip to Ireland’s Skellig Michael! Mark Hamill appeared on the promotional video and he killed it. Check it out bellow.

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