Will Han Solo Return in Star Wars Episode VIII?


The buzz surrounding Star Wars Episode VIII filming in Dubrovnik still didn’t die down, but it’s being replaced by the usual spring time rush of getting everything ready for an eventful summer season ahead. To pass the time, we are turning to the main news stories regarding Episode VIII.

As all of you who saw The Force Awakens (and I do hope that’s everyone by now… if not, heavy spoilers to follow) know, Han Solo met his demise at the hand of Kylo Ren at the climax of the film leaving fans all over the world saddened, but also at peace knowing his character was pretty much at the end of his journey. It was a well developed, well rounded character, not to mention one of fan favourites, and his death was one of the plot highlights of TFA.

Han Solo Being Cool, photo Lucasfilms

Han Solo Being Cool, photo Lucasfilm

Still, knowing the history of Star Wars movies, this does not necessarily mean the character will never again be seen on screen. It is highly unlikely he will be resurrected of found still alive, but the franchise was always clear about death not being the end, especially when it comes to Jedis. We know Anakin Skywalker, Ben Kenobi and Yoda all appeared as ghosts (for the lack of a better term), so could something like this be possible with Han Solo?

According to ScreenCrush it very well could be. Apparently, Harrison Ford was asked about possibly appearing in the next episode on Jimmy Kimmel Live and basically refused to answer gesturing he is supposed to keep his mouth shut about it (full interview clip below). It stands to reason he would be much less pressed to keep the information a secret if the character is definitely not appearing in Episode VIII. Still, that’s hardly a proof of anything, but there is more. It was none other than Kathleen Turner, president of Lucasfilm who said on the London premier of Star Wars The Force Awakens that all the actors in attendance will be appearing in Episode VIII. Among those actors majority are the main protagonists of the new story line, but also present was Harrison Ford. Makes you wonder…

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