PHOTO: Shot of Ahch-To Set in Pinewood Studios


Today Star Wars fans have a new leaked photograph to entertain them. Published by MakingStarWars this fan taken photo of Ahch-To set in Pinewood shows structures similar to those filmed on Irish Skellig Michael location. At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey is seen walking by similar structures on the way to meet Luke Skywalker. Skellig Michael locations have been dropped for Episode VIII due to operations difficulties when shooting there.

Ahch-To set in Pinewood, photo MakingStarWars

Ahch-To set in Pinewood, photo MakingStarWars

If you remember, certain media speculated Dubrovnik might be used as Ahch-To location during Star Wars Episode VIII filming here, but the rumour turned out to be just a rumour after all.

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