New Photo of Star Wars Episode VIII Irish Set


As reported by MakingStarWars the preparations for filming of Star Wars Episode VIII are well under way in Ceann Sibeal in Ireland. It is clear by the beehive structures seen on the photo that the location is to replace Skellig Michael the production had to move away from. Also, seeing how the structures seem sturdy and there is serious building machinery in place, this location might be expecting seriously long filming with plenty of air time in the final film.

Episode VIII location Ceann Sibeal, photo Ceann Sibeal Hotel

Episode VIII location Ceann Sibeal, photo Ceann Sibeal Hotel

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    1. Dear John,

      we are sorry if our publishing this photo has caused you any discomfort. However, in our defense, we always make a point of sourcing our photographs and we did so with this one, as it was published by Ceann Sibeal Hotel on their Instagram: which means we’ve never lead anyone to believe the photo is ours. If you really are the author of this photo and you have a problem with us showing it the way we do, we can either: a) take it down or b) you can give us your name and we can source you under the photograph (note: we are not using it for any degrading or offensive material, we are merely fans promoting the new movie and Irish locations).
      Also, please let me know if the link to the Instagram feed I provided is an authorised display of your photo!
      Thank you for the contact.
      Bozidar Jukic, editor

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