Beloved Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie who played the part of Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s fantasy series spent some time filming in Dubrovnik a couple of years back and was reported as having fun enjoying the bustling medieval city with the other members of the cast and always seemed ready to pose with the fans as seen on the image below.

Of course, among other noticeable roles, Christie also starred in Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens where she played Captain Phasma. The way her character ended the film left fans wondering whether we will see her again in the Episode VIII, but it seems we’ve finally got our answer. As People report, the actress herself confirmed her return as Captain Phasma in the new Star Wars episode in a role which she was very excited to land in the first place. Of course, with Dubrovnik now hopefully set in the filming schedule, we might see her enjoying the streets of our fair city once again this year.

We sure hope so.

City of Dubrovnik is a historical city in Croatia, on the banks of the Adriatic Sea. The heart of the city is its historical centre called Old City – a perfectly preserved medieval city, once the seat of Republic of Dubrovnik. So, what does a sci fi production like Star Wars want to shoot here? The answer is yet to be revealed, but for now simply guessing is fun enough.

Dubrovnik’s historical centre, used extensively during the filming of HBO’s Game of Thrones series is marble paved city with narrow steep streets and plenty of gothic, renaissance, and baroque buildings.

Dubrovnik's Old City Centre

Dubrovnik’s Old City Centre, photo by

Dubrovnik - Franciscan Monastery

Dubrovnik – Franciscan Monastery, photo by

Entire area is set on the banks of deep blue Adriatic Sea…

Dubrovnik and Island of Lokrum

Dubrovnik and Island of Lokrum, photo by

… and surrounding countryside is hilly and rocky,

Dubrovnik Countryside

Dubrovnik countryside, photo by

with islands rocky, covered with thick Mediterranean vegetation.

Island of Lokrum

Island of Lokrum, photo by

So, what do the makers of the world’s most famous science fiction saga looking for in Dubrovnik?

Any ideas? Post them in the comments section. We’d be happy to hear from the die hard fans.

With the news of the production of Star Wars – Episode VIII to use filming locations in Dubrovnik, many international fans of the franchise have are left scratching their heads as to where this city is located. However, Dubrovnik is no stranger to high end international productions. Many fans of the HBO’s Game of Thrones will recognize the Old City centre of Dubrovnik as it provided a setting for the fantasy city of King’s Landing in the series. Some other productions to visit this area include The Borgias and Dig.

Reasons to film in Dubrovnik are numerous and include a wonderful variety of settings, possible tax exemptions, moderate climate, as well as great local technical support staff. However, the reason might be the big man George Lucas himself. According to Croatian Newspapers Slobodna Dalmacija ( ) Lucas visited Dubrovnik in 2009 during his vacation along the Croatian coast and enjoyed the city during a private walking tour. Who knows, perhaps the creator of Star Wars found himself smitten with this popular Croatian destination, as so many others do.

George Lucas in Dubrovnik, Croatia - Photo by: Siniša Sunara / Cropix

George Lucas enjoying Dubrovnik, Croatia

Anything except huge box office results for any recent Star Wars title would be not only disappointing, but very surprising as well. Still, the numbers for the recently premiered Episode VII – The Force Awakens are staggering. As Daily Mail ( reported earlier this month, the movie tallied some $740 million during 2015 holiday season in the United States alone, while the global numbers tell an even more impressive story: $1,51 billion worldwide.

It is clear to see the popular franchise is not only losing ground, but is now enjoying its third or even fourth generation of fans. It is safe to say one would be hard pressed to find any similar examples in the movie industry. It remains to be seen exactly how well highly anticipated Episode VIII will fare.

SW Fan Art

Fan Art by user dvsdesigner

Local news portal has reported it received an exclusive confirmation by several reliable sources that the filming for the latest film of the epic sci fi saga – Star Wars will be done in part in Croatian city of Dubrovnik!

Episode VIII is said to begin filming in March and apparently the producers have met with the mayor and other representatives of Dubrovnik city government at the end of last year to confirm the city will be included in the production as one of the filming locations.

All the details including the exact time and scope of Dubrovnik filming remain to be uncovered.


Historical city of Dubrovnik, so called “Pearl of the Adriatic” is supposedly confirmed as one of the filming sites for Star Wars Episode VIII. Following this wonderful news, we are here to bring you the latest and most interesting stories regarding the filming locations in this area of Croatia.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia