Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Gets Sent Back for Re-shooting by Disney!


Star Wars fans are anxiously expecting the premier of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, which is coming in the oh so distant December. The anticipation spiked recently when the official trailer was finally released.

However, it now seems Disney is not satisfied with the director’s cut of the film, and when Disney is not satisfied with something, you can bet they will make you do something about it. As PageSix reports, quoting an unnamed Hollywood source, Disney executives have decided to do a re-shoot in July following some less than delighted feedback from the initial viewings of the first cut. Apparently, The Force Awakens has proven to be such a well-received movie it set the bar high for the franchise films to follow it.

Qualifications of the movie director Gareth Edwards are hardly questionable as his previous films like 2014 Godzilla remake and In the Shadow of the Moon (2010) have been well received by the audiences and critics alike. However, it seems Disney is demanding nothing less than an ultimate crowd pleaser from this new instalment in the Star Wars franchise.

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