Star Wars Episode VIII Working Title Revealed?


Star Wars Episode VIII is being filmed and there are plenty of speculations and guesses about the plot and characters, but one of the things sparking some interest is the title of the movie. Apparently, As published by MoviePilot, Star Wars Episode VIII’s leaked title is “Fall of the Resistance”.

If true, this is probably just the working title of the movie, but it could hold some very interesting clues about the plot. However, some claim the working title is Space Bear, and we can confirm the filming which all the media covered as filming of Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik WAS announced and officially done under the name Space Bear.

There are plenty other titles kicked around the World Wide Web, but we are inclined to believe the end title of the Episode VIII will not be revealed anytime soon.

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  1. Title and full cast listing due to be released September 2016

    Just to clarify
    Space Bear is the working title
    The company is Space Bear Industries (UK) Limited
    Some staff can be seen wearing Space Bear ID badges, just like Flora Moody is wearing on the photo in my twitter account, and in the recent videos at Pinewood Studios

    I accidently posted the title on my twitter account, and was removed after about 10 seconds!
    I can confirm I have still not seen it published anywhere online, yet

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