VIDEO: 10 Editing Mistakes from Star Wars Movies


Editing a huge movie like any of the episodes of Star Wars must be a gruelling task. It is therefore not strange some mistakes slip through the cracks. Still, concerning the budget and sheer power behind all the professionals involved, these sometimes stick out. Here is a YouTube video posted by Screen Rant of 10 editing mistakes from all the Star Wars movies so far. To be honest, we were only interested in The Force Awakens, as we already knew about many of the older ones. Still, TFA has the two final slots on the list, and you know what? They are not as minor as you might think, especially number 9.

So, what do you think? Is Finn losing his weapon the worst editing mistake on the list? Maybe it was Obi Wan’s clean/dirty robes? Let us know your thoughts.



  1. Several other bloopers from TFA

    Takodana table with Maz
    Rey either eats food very fast or can throw it away!

    Han and Leia
    Just watch the background over Leia right shoulder, then rewatch all the background

    Hangar 718 – entire scene flipped horizontally
    Look at the Stormtrooper and Reys wrist strap

    Rey wears Finn jacket, holds the blaster in her left hand, but the final shot has been reversed

    Starkiller base, but someone at ILM did not count the number of lights on the walkway!

    Starkiller base escape
    This entire sequence has been reversed, watch Reys leather wrist strap, which is normally worn on her left wrist, and drop her blaster

    No the one I am pointing to
    Prior to this sequence, Rey is predominantly left handed
    In these shots she is right handed
    However, due to a continuity error she is briefly left handed!

    Rey at her home on Jakku
    At all other times she wears a leather strap on her left wrist
    However, for this sequence it is missing
    This was due to an injury

    Rey (Daisy Ridley) has a scar on her right check (left as you look at her)
    However, for one scene (This is the Millenium Falcon, you’re Han Solo) it is missing due to makeup not being removed in error for a publicity shot earlier in the day

    Bazine Netal audio dialogue error
    I first noticed this on the 3D IMAX version in the cinema, and it has creeped into the Blu Ray and DVD release
    It is easier to see with subtitles on

    ** SPOILER **
    Reference to Penomah Terminal
    This was removed from the cinema release and added back in to the Blu Ray and DVD release, as it is required for Episode VIII

    1. Reys blaster
      She is given this blaster by Han Solo
      The last time we see it is at the abduction
      We do not see it on Starkiller Base
      It then reappears when Rey changes to her Resistance costume

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