Special Traffic Regulation, Pedestrian Routes, and Rehearsal Dates for Dubrovnik Star Wars Filming

Dubrovnik locals and visitors will be getting a map of recommended pedestrian routes to use within the Old City historical district when the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII begins. The map will be published by a local production company involved in filming on Monday 29th of February and large maps with routes entered will be posted on all entrances to the Old City centre of Dubrovnik, as reported by DuList.hr. Special traffic regulation around the Old City will be imposed as well.

The same source published there will be some sort of rehearsal prior to filming on the evenings of March 2nd and 4th, which is probably the last time there will be chance for seeing some action before the sets close their doors for the public completely.

Dubrovnik's Old City Centre

Dubrovnik’s Old City Centre, photo by www.insiderholidays.eu

As tourism season draws near, Dubrovnik is getting busier by the day and the locals are anxious to see if the high end filming will disrupt their lives and their business.


  1. I dont understand when the filming will begin. Here it says March 2nd and 4th, what does it mean, I thought it will be from 11th-16th. Can anyone suggest me when to come to Dubrovnik?

    1. 2nd and 4th of March are the dates local media reports some kind of rehearsal will be taking place. This is NOT the filming. Filming will be done from 11th to 16th of March, but the sets will be closed starting March 9th! The production will not let anybody see the filming as its being done once the sets are closed. We recommend coming to Dubrovnik BEFORE March 9th, while you can still walk the streets that will be closed for filming and see some of the sets. We will know more information on Monday. If you need any help, feel free to contact us on info@starwarsdubrovnik.com. Moze i na hrvatskom.

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