What if your House was a Part of Star Wars Episode VIII set?

By now you’ve all seen the photographs of Star Wars Dubrovnik set being done on the city’s main street – Stradun. It’s easy to see from all of those pictures Stradun is a lively street with plenty of businesses operating on it as well as inhabited private apartments overlooking the street from the second or third floor. Obviously, these will have to be cleared out for the filming. You can’t have an action scene with Daisy Ridley fighting Benicio Del Toro (I wish) with an old lady in the background looking curiously out the window, cursing at the kids making noise.

Star Wars sets being built in Dubrovnik

Star Wars sets being built in Dubrovnik

So, Space Bear Industries, production company in charge of the filming in Dubrovnik, has signed around 100 contracts with everyone obligating them to vacate their places of business or living quarters (with exception of emergencies) during the shoot, as reported by DuList.hr. The details of the contracts are being kept a secret as one would expect, but it is heard around town that the amounts are enough to keep the owners of the properties happy and quiet, two things we Dubrovnik locals rarely are.

Interesting to note are the clauses in the contract which supposedly allow the production people inside the properties for a fee, and allow the filming of „behind the scenes“ shots as well.

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