Why Dubrovnik?

With the news of the production of Star Wars – Episode VIII to use filming locations in Dubrovnik, many international fans of the franchise have are left scratching their heads as to where this city is located. However, Dubrovnik is no stranger to high end international productions. Many fans of the HBO’s Game of Thrones will recognize the Old City centre of Dubrovnik as it provided a setting for the fantasy city of King’s Landing in the series. Some other productions to visit this area include The Borgias and Dig.

Reasons to film in Dubrovnik are numerous and include a wonderful variety of settings, possible tax exemptions, moderate climate, as well as great local technical support staff. However, the reason might be the big man George Lucas himself. According to Croatian Newspapers Slobodna Dalmacija (http://slobodnadalmacija.hr ) Lucas visited Dubrovnik in 2009 during his vacation along the Croatian coast and enjoyed the city during a private walking tour. Who knows, perhaps the creator of Star Wars found himself smitten with this popular Croatian destination, as so many others do.

George Lucas in Dubrovnik, Croatia - Photo by: Siniša Sunara / Cropix

George Lucas enjoying Dubrovnik, Croatia

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